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Heavenly Palace of Heretics: Lvl 3-5 guide

Click the level headings to access the PADX dungeon page for that level.

X combo shield = x is the minimum number of combos you must make.

Lvl 3

  • 1 floor: Rainbow Keeper 
  • Preemptive: 50% damage reduction for 5 turns and change own ATT to fire/water/wood
  • For the first 4 turns, it will randomly change color to water/wood/light/dark and do no damage.
  • ~4mil nuke on the 5th turn. Nuke is used on repeat.
  • Recommended: Anubis or other lead that can output high damage in the beginning of a dungeon (leads that aren’t reliant on long-CD active skills for high damage)

Lvl 4: Assists Invalid 

  • F1: Jord: preemptive skill delay. First turn under 50%: uses 75% damage reduction shield. 43k nuke every 6 turns.
  • F2: Wadatsumi: 5 combo shield. Usually hits for up to 25k. First turn under 75%: creates jammers. After that, if under 25%, will hit for 67k.
  • F3: Red Agni: 50% damage reduction for dark and water. Preemptive 6 combo shield. Under 50%, puts up damage reduction shield and starts 3-2-1 countdown. On “1,” he reduces your orb movement time, so I recommend you kill before then if possible.
  • F4: Hera: 11k preempt.
  • F5: Titania: Preemptive 8 combo shield and doubles orb movement time for 20 turns. About 11mil HP. Before enraging, maximum hit is 25k. Check PADX for more info.

Lvl 5: 6* and under enhanced

  • 3x all stats for cards 6* and under. You can sort your box by “rare” to look for cards that fit this description. Bosses in this dungeon are pretty tanky so I do recommend trying to take advantage of the boost.
  • F1: Medjedra: 24.5mil HP. Preempt: 3 turn leader switch. Turn 1: 5 combo shield. Turn 2: 6k damage and turn hearts to jammers. From there, moveset is random. Nuke: 30% HP –> 59k.
  • F2: Random SU from Gadius/Ryune/etc. Some have resolves. FUA recommended. They all have less than 16mil HP.
  • F3: Random SU from Trail’s pantheon. Highest hit is 36k, with the exceptions of their nukes (under 10 or 20%). Each has about 20mil HP. If hit to resolve, the dark one does a 99% gravity and creates dark/mortal poison board.
  • F4: DQ Hera: 58,366k preempt. 20.5mil HP.
  • F5: Random SU from Tsubaki/Sumire/Kaede. 28mil HP and less. All of them have 2 turn skill delay preempts.
  • F6: Sonia Gran Reverse: 32.5 mil HP. Preemptive status shield and absorbs light + dark + one of RGB. hits are up to 36.5k, with 114k nuke below 15% HP. When color absorb expires, she will put up a 2 turn damage reduction shield. When that expires, she puts up a 7 combo shield. I recommend killing during either of those shields before she puts up damage nulls/absorbs.
  • F7: Heph: 47.5mil HP, 75% damage reduction for 5 turns. Burst hard. Hits are: 35k, 44k, 53k, 61.5k, 70k, 308k.

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Challenge Dungeon Guides

Alt. Challenge Dungeons: Lvl 11

After clearing C10, you will receive this dungeon in the mail. You have 24 hours to complete the dungeon from the point the mail is opened. Upon completion, you will receive a dragon killer latent tamadra in the mail.

There is only one floor in this dungeon – Princess Valkyrie. She drops with +297. The dungeon is NOT coopable.

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Event: Scorching Hunting Grounds

+15 descends analysis

View Google spreadsheet here.

The current event features one descend a day that will drop a descend boss with +15, or +5 to each stat.

Firstly: although this event is a great opportunity for plus eggs, there are better events yet to come. JP has had events where the bosses drop +30, which is twice as efficient. We are sure to get these as well. While I do recommend farming for this event, don’t go nuts: save your stones and your sanity for the better stuff.

The spreadsheet should help you figure out which dungeons are the best to farm.

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