Dungeon Guide · Event: Scorching Hunting Grounds

Medjedra farming (RLB)

Basic, affordable template: 

P1: RLB/3x Dios/laser
P2: RLB/SBR stick/2 Dios/laser


  • 100% SBR (skill bind resist)

Make it easier for yourself:

  • Isis has a 4 combo shield (need to make at least 5 combos). P2 encounters this floor. In order of most to least thinking, here are some active options for Isis:
  • Consider inheriting one or both lasers onto lead to increase sub flexibility.


  • All P1 subs should have a LS (leader skill) somewhat compatible with RLB, as P1 enters the boss floor and gets one of their subs switched to lead.
  • If you’re worried about SB (skill boosts), test your teams in Endless. Both lasers and the Isis solution should be up upon entry of the dungeon.
  • Laser ideas: Ra, Anji (cannot be inherited, but farmable), Honjo, Famiel, Lumiel, Lightning, etc
  • SBR: Navi, red or dark Chester
  • Protip: Take advantage of 4x Techs (Arena, Mzeus/Mhera) to rank up and use extra stamina for plus farming if time is not a constraint for you!

Dungeon guide:

F1: P1: laser
F2: P1: Dios, swipe
F3: P2: laser
F4: P2: Your Isis solution (ALB, board change, etc)
F5: P1: Dios, swipe
F6: P2: Dios, swipe

Dungeon benefits (assuming coop):

  • +15 boss drop (+5 to each stat)
  • 20 runs = 1 +297
    • 500 stamina
    • compare: 30 runs (750 stamina) of STTD (Star Den) for 1 +297, assuming equal distribution of HP/ATK/RCV for the drops from the first four floors
  • 15,020 exp/1 run
    • 600.8 exp/stamina
    • 1 +297 = 300,400 exp
      • compare: 1 +297 from STTD (Star Den) would be around 258,000 exp
    • 1,001.33 exp/+
      • compare: STTD (Star Den): 860 exp/+. You are getting more experience for the same amount of plusses with Medjedra
    •  0.6+/stam
      • compare: STTD (Star Den): 0.4+/stam
    • 2.5+/dungeon floor
      • compare: STTD (Star Den): 2+/dungeon floor
  • Other interesting drops
    • Red evo mask, Divine blue/green masks
    • SU for non-awoken forms of Apollo, Uriel, and Ra
  • CONCLUSION: Medjedra is more efficient than Star Den in terms of stamina and experience, but Star Den is faster in dungeon clear time. This last factor is only of importance to a small part of the PAD population: people who would rather get plusses quickly no matter other efficiency costs, or who do not really benefit from stamina/experience efficiency because they are so high rank.

Additional resources: 

Thanks for reading!



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