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Alt. Challenge Dungeons: Lvl 11

After clearing C10, you will receive this dungeon in the mail. You have 24 hours to complete the dungeon from the point the mail is opened. Upon completion, you will receive a dragon killer latent tamadra in the mail.

There is only one floor in this dungeon – Princess Valkyrie. She drops with +297. The dungeon is NOT coopable.


A rundown of Valk:

  • 100 million HP
  • 50% resolve
    • under 50% HP, she uses Resurrection and heals herself to full. She only stops using this move if she uses all of her “tests.” Whenever she heals, her resolve comes back.
  • Preempts
    • Nullifies single hit damage over 10 million for 999 turns
    • 999 turn status shield
    • Halves your team RCV for 20 turns
  • Changes her attribute and deals up to over 1 million damage if HP is above 95% or below 20%
    • your team must do 5 million damage in the first turn to avoid this move 
    • this is applicable for all teams, even if you are cheesing the dungeon. 
  • Under different percentages of HP, she will use different skill sets, including “tests.” These tests usually include 6 combo shields (need to make at least 7 combos), orb time reduction, and board blinds.
    • Thresholds for the tests are under: 95%, 80%, 70%, 60%, and 50%.
    •  For more information on the exact tests, check the PADX page or PadGuide.




For super whales: oneshot her with this very specific build. Vajrabhairava‘s leader skill includes a follow-up attack, which counters Valk’s resolve. I believe Tengu was used for skill boosts and because his sub attribute is dark, which will do 2x damage against Valk. It is very difficult to get the perfect amount of damage to oneshot her as you will need both main and sub attributes, and a team that does balanced damage.

Reincarnated Venus

  • video guide
  • additional video
  • Image of the team (top) and inherits (bottom)
  • Team on PADX: see overall team awakenings and stats. You may be able to make a similar team even if you can’t copy the exact build by getting subs with similar awakenings.
  • Strategy: first turn, the player used 2 orb changers (DQXQ and Lvalk) to guarantee enough orbs and made 2 rows and 1 extra light combo without going above Valk’s null. Stalled a few turns easily with Venus’ light resist. Used gravities and burst for kill
  • No Venus? Consider pairing something else with Venus and using the same strategy detailed above.
    • Leilan/Myr/Leader Ilm/Ars Nova/Thor/Revo Venus
      • Inherits included 2 gravities: Sakuya and 1 10% gravity
      • resistance and attack multiplier not as high as double Venus, but still possible
      • different subs possible. Team is only sample
    • Meimei may also work
    • When pairing with Venus, a light heavy team is recommended since you need to do at least 2 light combos to activate Venus’ full multiplier


  • follows the same logic as the Venus team, but your light resist won’t be as high, so stalling for skills won’t be quite as mindless.


  • fairly popular choice due to her no-skyfall leader skill and add 2 combo active skill.
  • Meridionalis videos (Japanese). Whaledor isn’t in NA, but you don’t need that many skill boosts — it just makes it easier
  • Along this vein, Dmeta could be an option. On the downside, her HP requirement will be tricky in this dungeon as very few of Valk’s moves actually do damage, and the type advantage will make it difficult to stay under 10 million per card. Make sure to test your damage thoroughly and bring suicide actives if Dmeta is your pick.

Odin Dragon/3 Meimei/Raphael

  • “Stall until she has used all of her debuffs. Use a Susano shield (assisted on Odin Dragon) when she is angry and Raphael when you are very close to 20%. Should be very safe.”

Dark Orpharion

  • honestly if you have this team why are you on my blog

Other teams

  • I would recommend mono-color teams over rainbow teams since it is easier for mono-color teams to to achieve even damage across subs.
  • Try not to bring any cards that will hit significantly more than others — cards with multiple TPAs or 7 combo awakenings will be deadly, for instance.
  • I would also recommend that your team have over 50,100 HP (to tank skill set 9, Mighty Bash and Triple Slash).
  • Again, make sure that you can do 5 million damage in the first turn.
  • Consider bringing a card that increases RCV to overwrite Valk’s RCV decrease (ex. Crusader, Ame no Uzume)
  • To avoid the issue of Valk constantly healing, I would advise a small gravity (Chester is perfect) to bring Valk below her resolve. Larger gravities will be absorbed.
  • Alternatively, bring a card with the follow-up attack awakening to bypass Valk’s resolve.


Minerva cheese team

  • Make sure to get Valk under 95% on your first turn. Then stall for 999 turns. Open up Netflix or something while you’re at it to stay awake. Once the stall is over, use your gravities and nuke the last bit of HP left.
    • Gravities that do over 10 million damage will be nullified when Valk’s damage null is active.

Reincarnated Venus

  • Double Venus leads give you 93.75% resistance to light attacks. You can use cards with light resist or add light resist latents to your team to make for easier stalling.
  • Click here for more cards with the light resist awakening. Each light resist awakening gives 5% resist.
    • Resistance is calculated as follows: (leader resist x leader resist) x [(# resist awakening x awakening resistance) + (#latents x latent resistance)]
      • special thanks to brouxhaha from Reddit for this equation
  • Double Venus has 3,200 autoheal every turn that you match orbs.
    • Not matching orbs saves some time. Valk’s shield and null turns will decrease, but your skills will not charge.
  • Stack your team with gravity actives and inherits. Zera is a great choice here: farmable, light main attribute, and 3 skill boosts to make sure your skills are up.
  • Remember that you still have to get Valk under 95% on the first turn. Over 95%, she will change attributes and nuke you. You can do this by using a fixed damage active followed by a 10% gravity.
  • As with Minerva, stall 999 turns. Get started on your next project. Probably write a novel while you’re at it.
  • When your stall is over, pop gravities and nuke the last bit of HP left.
  • Gravities that do over 10 million damage will be nullified when Valk’s damage null is active.
  • Sample team




PADX dungeon page 

Image that shows what percent HP an enemy is at 

Damage calculator: your team must be on PadHerder to use this tool.

Thanks for reading!



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