Challenge Dungeon Guides

Challenge Dungeons 42: C7-10

I did not write guides for C1-6 as they are fairly straightforward. Good luck with your challenge dungeons and may RNGesus be with you!

Challenge 7 guide

PADX link

You get a fixed Dathena team for this dungeon.


  • Pew pew
  • Use heart row to clear your bind
  • Delay boss

Dungeon guide: 

F1: various Shibamaru (mini dogs). Easy to kill.

F2: includes Kappa, who increases your water skyfall for 99 turns if you don’t kill him on the first turn. Although half of your team is water, I would recommend killing him first turn as you will need hearts later and increased skyfall of one color will reduce the others. Try to save heal orbs this turn.

F3: Ama Tama will preemptively bind your entire team. Fortunately, khepri is unbindable and has a bind clear awakening. Match a row of hearts to unbind your team.

F4: Hino has 99% gravity preemptive, but he also has a 2 turn counter and should be easy to kill. If you still have both dathena available, you can use one to delay him.

F5: boss floor, Takemikazuchi has resolve. Delay him and kill. Congratulations!

Challenge 8 guide

PADX link

Dungeon is 7×6 board.


  • Boss is 7zard. Have a strategy to kill him.
  • F6 has 2 Dmeta tama: recommend that you bring a delay (preferably long) and make sure that the delay will be up when you enter the floor. If you are cooping, it is best to put the delay on one of the leaders as their active skills charge faster.
  • F3 is the best floor to stall on for skills.

Dungeon guide: 

F1: Kano, 9.5 million hp. If you do not do any damage, she will also do nothing. So if you want to stall, you can combo just heal orbs, or colors that are not on your team. Once you do any damage to her, she will spend one turn getting angry. From there on out, she is dangerous and will hit from 146k to 292k. Kill in one or two turns.

F2: Zhou Yu. Has resolve and is delayable, if your delay is up early in the dungeon. He always uses the same moveset in the first turn – barrier (status shield) and ambush (22k damage). The common strategy for those without delay or follow up attack is to try to oneshot him on the first turn. His rage hit, Celestial Dance, is 66,432.

F3: Agni. Above 50%, he will hit for up to 27,914. He also has a chance to absorb damage over 300k for 10 turns. Probably the best floor to stall on. If you hit him below 50% on the first turn, he will put up a damage reduction shield of 75%. If you hit him below 50% on any turn after that, the damage reduction shield will be 50% instead. After the shield, he has a 3 turn countdown before he nukes you for over 200k hp. On “1,” he reduces your time to move orbs by two seconds.

F4: Deus Ex Machina. If her HP is full, she will bind 4 random cards on your team. She hits for a maximum of 25k if her HP is above 20%. She also has a chance to swap your leader with a sub and increase the CD of your active skills. If you get her below 20%, she will skill delay 1 turn and hit for 27K. On the next turn, she will hit for over 200k.

F5: Satan. About 18k preempt. First turn shield. On the fourth turn, he will use World Ends (192k). May bind your subs.

F6: Includes 2 Dmeta tamas and 1 Yomi tama. None of the tamas hit you for their first turn. On their second, they each hit 100K and up.  I recommend as long of a delay as possible and mass attacks. The delay MUST be up when you enter the floor because Dmeta tama will puts up a status shield on its first turn. Because of the damage nullify of damage over 50, fixed damage does not work unless you have Juda, who does 49 fixed damage — just under.

F7: 7zard. He has a 75% damage shield for 7 turns, and 7,777,778HP. His moves often create poison or mortal poison orbs, and if any are left on the board, he uses Hell Bloom, which is around 48k damage. There are a few options to defeat him. You could use a burst and kill. You can bring a 100% poison resist team and laugh. Or you can stall out the shield (he has a status shield when his damage shield is up, so he won’t be delayable) by either matching poison and healing, or avoiding poison and healing over 48k.


Challenge 9 guide

PADX link

Dungeon is No RCV — no heal orbs drop in this dungeon, but heartmakers still work.


  • no RCV, and preempts on EVERY floor. The first preempt is a gravity, and the preempts become progressively higher, from 12.5k to 21.5k damage.
  • Some floors make hearts, but definitely bring heartmakers of your own, and make sure one will be up on F1. Alternatively, use a lead with autoheal like Odindra.
  • You can oneshot most floors, even the floor with resolve. Each floor has a couple million HP. Only floor with over 10 million HP is the boss, Grodin.

Dungeon guide: 

F1: Gronia: 99% grav preempt. Under 50%, she skips a turn once, and then will hit for over 400k. Other than that, her hardest hit is 24.5k.

F2: Awilda: 12.5k preempt, but will make heal orbs. Rage hit under 30%.

F3: Nobunaga: 15k preempt and makes poison. Nukes over 100k every 6 turns. Other hits are 28k and under.

F4: Shaitan: 16k preempt and creates some jammers. Binds 3 random cards on his first turn. Hits for a maximum of 18k.

F5: Rabbit Dragon (Saria SU): 18k preempt, creates red/light/heal board. Has 50% resolve and status shield, but will not nuke if you simply hit to resolve. It will heal 19% of its hp and put up a damage reduction shield of 75%. You can kill after that since it will be below its resolve.

F6: Tsubaki SU dragon: 20k preempt and 2 turn skill delay. Does not seem that dangerous, hits for up to 38k (after 7 or so turns).

F7: Grodin: 21.5k preempt and binds one random card, reduces damage by 80% for one turn. I would recommend stalling one turn before killing.

Challenge 10 guide

PADX link


  • F2: Hino solution (follow up attack, delay, or know your damage control)
  • F3: board change/poison converter that is up when you enter F3
  • F4: bind clear
  • F5: (if no follow up attack) gravity to counter 88% resolve
    • optional: burst, active that increases time to move orbs since Diza reduces orb time

Dungeon guide: 

F1: Takeminakata: 2 turn counter, will waste 1 turn getting angry if you hit below 75%.

F2: Hino: 50% resolve, rage move is 99 turn skill delay. Delayable.

F3: Beelz: preemptive full poison board.

F4: Light Izanami. Preemptively binds your whole team. I would recommend stalling 1 turn for her damage shield to go down.

F5: Dark Izanami: preemptively reduces orb movement time and puts up a status shield and 50% damage reduction shield. She also passively resists dark damage by 50%. She has 88% resolve, which can be countered with follow-up attack or a gravity. Hathor and Hades will work, for example.


Thanks for reading!



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