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Challenge Dungeons! 43 Lvl 7-10 guide

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Lvl 7: No RCV

  • F1: Phoenix: 44.4k hit every 6 turns.
  • F2: Ancient Water Dragon: 731k defense, 66,693HP (can be buttoned with Ra or higher button)
  • F3: Michael: can also be buttoned. 43 HP. Binds both leaders on his first turn.
  • F4: Light Fagan: about 6mil HP. preeemptive 5 turn skill bind.
  • F5: Grisar: 10mil HP. preemptively gets rid of player buffs or adds 2 mortal poison to your board. First turn -99% grav, creates 5 poison orbs each turn during his 3-turn countdown.

TL;DR: Phoenix/button/button/Fagan/Grisar. Bring 100% SBR.

Lvl 8: No Skyfall

  • F1: Sha Wujing. 75% resolve, 1.2 mil HP. Can counter by knowing damage control (no skyfall means skyfall can’t screw you over), FUA, shield, delay, or 25% or more grav. If using an active, make sure it will be up in time since he’s floor 1.
  • F2: Kopis: nulls 600k+ damage for 99 turns. Can be delayed. Rage hit is 32k. All other hits are less than 18k. Under 50% HP, will put up a blue absorb shield or change its color to water/wood and absorb wood/fire, respectively (always absorbs the color that has type advantage against it)
  • F3: Dill Sirius: Preemptives: increases skyfall chance of jammer and poison by 15 turns and superblinds 12 random orbs. Every turn, he will hit 12k and then do a gravity. The gravities increase in severity: 25% –> 50% –> 75% –>100%.
  • F4: Satan: 21,648 preempt. “World Ends” (233,796) is used every 3 turns.
  • F5: Awoken Leilan: 30% damage reduction of red/wood/light. Preemptive 7 combo shield (must make at least 7 combos to do damage). Above 20% HP, her hardest hit is 19k. Under 20%, she hits for 47.5k.

TL;DR: Sha Wujing/Kopis/Dill Sirius/Satan/Leilan. Delay recommended for Kopis. Have 22k HP when you kill Sirius for Satan preempt. Leilan has 7c shield.

Lvl 9: Orb move time 4 sec

  • F1: Jorm: passive 50% light resist. Over 50% HP, hits up to 22k. First turn under 50% HP, he uses a -99% gravity. From there on, he can hit up to 28k. Under 15% HP is 99,025 nuke.
  • F2: Sharon: preemptive status shield and immunes single hit damage of 500k and up for 5 turns. Has 3mil HP, so can be oneshot if you’re great at damage control. Has a 100% grav move, so at least 1 water resist recommended. Bringing her under 50% causes her to heal. For each heal after the first, every time she goes under 50%, she will heal for 20% less HP but make more mortal poison orbs (6 –> 18 –> full board). After her immune shield ends, she will disable awoken skills for 2 turns and then she will hit 43,635 for every turn thereafter.
  • F3: Light Guardian Dragon: 71% resolve. Preemptive 23.5k hit. Hitting to resolve will make him bind your whole team for 4 turns, and a 10% heal. If you don’t kill after that, he will hit for 108.5k. He has another move that binds your leader for 2 turns and other hits go up to about 27k.
  • F4: Belial: Preemptive skill bind. Puts up status shield on first turn. 9.4mil HP.
  • F5: Beelz: 3,456 preempt, changes full board to poison. Under 50%: repeats preempt and makes the full poison board again. 9mil HP.

TL;DR: Jorm/Sharon/71% resolve/Belial/Beelz. Water resist for Sharon. Hit resolve dragon to its resolve if you have 4+ turn bind clear or unbindable leads, etc. 100% SBR for Belial. Board change or poison resist for Beelz.

Lvl 10

  • F1: Hera Ur: preemptive 99 turns of fire/jammer skyfall. Above 50%, hits for 25k hp. First turn under 50% puts up 6 combo shield. Under 50%, can hit for up to 38k.
  • F2: Mion: recommend to keep her above 50% HP until the damage null shield she puts up goes away. Maximum hit besides nuke is 28k.
  • F3: Hinomitsuha: preemptive 3-5 turn skill delay and 15 turn poison skyfall. Best to oneshot. On first turn, will put up 75% dmg reduction shield and superblind border of board (top and bottom rows, leftmost and rightmost columns)
  • F4: Awoken Sakuya: 14 mil HP. 50% resolve and preemptive shield, hitting to resolve –> 8 turn awoken bind. Can be solved with odindra, but not grodin. She hits for up to 26k above 20% HP. After her awakening bind, she will repeat the same move: 1 turn skill delay, 55,206 hit and binds all cards for 3 turns.
  • F5: Titania: Preemptively doubles your orb time movement and puts up 8 combo shield. About 39mil HP. Delayable. 10% nuke is 650,700. Generally hits for less than 33k, but has an attack buff move after she “wakes up” from sleeping.

TL;DR: Hera Ur/Mion/Hinomitsuha/Awoken Sakuya/Titania. Stall on Mion until her shield goes away. Oneshot Hino, don’t oneshot Sakuya unless you have odindra. 8 combo shield on Titania.

Thanks for reading!



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