Challenge Dungeon Guides

Heavenly Palace of Heretics: Lvl 3-5 guide

Click the level headings to access the PADX dungeon page for that level.

X combo shield = x is the minimum number of combos you must make.

Lvl 3

  • 1 floor: Rainbow Keeper 
  • Preemptive: 50% damage reduction for 5 turns and change own ATT to fire/water/wood
  • For the first 4 turns, it will randomly change color to water/wood/light/dark and do no damage.
  • ~4mil nuke on the 5th turn. Nuke is used on repeat.
  • Recommended: Anubis or other lead that can output high damage in the beginning of a dungeon (leads that aren’t reliant on long-CD active skills for high damage)

Lvl 4: Assists Invalid 

  • F1: Jord: preemptive skill delay. First turn under 50%: uses 75% damage reduction shield. 43k nuke every 6 turns.
  • F2: Wadatsumi: 5 combo shield. Usually hits for up to 25k. First turn under 75%: creates jammers. After that, if under 25%, will hit for 67k.
  • F3: Red Agni: 50% damage reduction for dark and water. Preemptive 6 combo shield. Under 50%, puts up damage reduction shield and starts 3-2-1 countdown. On “1,” he reduces your orb movement time, so I recommend you kill before then if possible.
  • F4: Hera: 11k preempt.
  • F5: Titania: Preemptive 8 combo shield and doubles orb movement time for 20 turns. About 11mil HP. Before enraging, maximum hit is 25k. Check PADX for more info.

Lvl 5: 6* and under enhanced

  • 3x all stats for cards 6* and under. You can sort your box by “rare” to look for cards that fit this description. Bosses in this dungeon are pretty tanky so I do recommend trying to take advantage of the boost.
  • F1: Medjedra: 24.5mil HP. Preempt: 3 turn leader switch. Turn 1: 5 combo shield. Turn 2: 6k damage and turn hearts to jammers. From there, moveset is random. Nuke: 30% HP –> 59k.
  • F2: Random SU from Gadius/Ryune/etc. Some have resolves. FUA recommended. They all have less than 16mil HP.
  • F3: Random SU from Trail’s pantheon. Highest hit is 36k, with the exceptions of their nukes (under 10 or 20%). Each has about 20mil HP. If hit to resolve, the dark one does a 99% gravity and creates dark/mortal poison board.
  • F4: DQ Hera: 58,366k preempt. 20.5mil HP.
  • F5: Random SU from Tsubaki/Sumire/Kaede. 28mil HP and less. All of them have 2 turn skill delay preempts.
  • F6: Sonia Gran Reverse: 32.5 mil HP. Preemptive status shield and absorbs light + dark + one of RGB. hits are up to 36.5k, with 114k nuke below 15% HP. When color absorb expires, she will put up a 2 turn damage reduction shield. When that expires, she puts up a 7 combo shield. I recommend killing during either of those shields before she puts up damage nulls/absorbs.
  • F7: Heph: 47.5mil HP, 75% damage reduction for 5 turns. Burst hard. Hits are: 35k, 44k, 53k, 61.5k, 70k, 308k.

Thanks for reading!



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