Dungeon Guide · Event: Scorching Hunting Grounds

Medjedra farming (RLB)

Basic, affordable template: 

P1: RLB/3x Dios/laser
P2: RLB/SBR stick/2 Dios/laser


  • 100% SBR (skill bind resist)

Make it easier for yourself:

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Event: Scorching Hunting Grounds

+15 descends analysis

View Google spreadsheet here.

The current event features one descend a day that will drop a descend boss with +15, or +5 to each stat.

Firstly: although this event is a great opportunity for plus eggs, there are better events yet to come. JP has had events where the bosses drop +30, which is twice as efficient. We are sure to get these as well. While I do recommend farming for this event, don’t go nuts: save your stones and your sanity for the better stuff.

The spreadsheet should help you figure out which dungeons are the best to farm.

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