If there is anything I should add to these lists, let me know on Discord/Reddit/comment on this post.

Other blogs

Useful websites

  • PADX
    • has comprehensive information on every dungeon and monster in the game
    • posts news summaries/recaps
    • can be laggy
  • PADGuide: search on App/Play store
    • has a lot of advertisements, but works without Wifi/data
    • sometimes more accurate than PADX
    • allows you to set alarms for your guerilla dungeons
    • better system for filtering monsters by awakenings: you can choose multiple awakenings that you want your results to have
  • Image that shows what HP % your enemy is at 
  • Optimal boards
  • PAD Dawnglare
    • Allows you to practice comboing or experiment with cascades
    • You can use the little box on the right to input a board
    • Open the website in mobile to simulate comboing on your phone
    • Set a time limit to move orbs for a realistic experience
    • Some consider Dawnglare “cheating,” but personally, I don’t. Dawnglare doesn’t solve the board for you. You still have to solve it yourself, and you can practice with it as much as you want without any consequences.
  • Spreadsheet of which forms of which descend bosses are used in evolutions 
  • PAD abbreviations/glossary


  • IRC PAD 
    • IRC = Internet Relay Chat. It’s just a chatroom where you can get some quick answers or just chill.
  • Reddit PAD discord
    • large and a great place to find coop partners.
  • Carry discord 
    • team/dungeon advice and carries
  • My discord
    • it’s a baby and I’m still figuring it out